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• 9 BRIGHTNESS LEVELS - the product allows the lamp to be adapted to the child's needs. It has as many as 9 brightness modes; the brightest allows you to read a fairy tale before bed, but the darkest can be used as a bedside lamp - it will not offend your child's eyes, and will ensure a peaceful and safe sleep
• 9 COLORS - white, green, yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, light blue, blue
• 3 OPERATING MODES - (color change: slow and fast color change, timer)
• REMOTE OR TOUCH PANEL - modes can be changed by touching the soft head or by using the remote control. Remote control is ideal for nursing mothers who can easily control the lamp while breastfeeding
• SAFETY - rounded shapes and smooth edges will allow you to secure the lamp in a child's room, without the risk of the child, for example, cutting a finger. The lamp is made of soft and safe silicone, which does not contain any toxic substances such as BPA. Kindereo lamps have CE and RoHS certificates
• GIFT IDEA - the lamp will be perfect as a gift, it will definitely bring a smile to every child's face
• HYGIENE - the housing can be removed for cleaning, the silicone housing can be machine washed
• ENERGY SAVING - the lamp is equipped with an energy-saving and eye-safe LED diode. It is charged via USB
• Cuddly function - the Kindereo lamp is the best companion for children for the whole night, providing them with a sense of security