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• soft, removable and washable cover, easy to clean -

clipped on snaps
• comfortable footrest
• 5-point seat belts
• tray with space for a cup
• has European certificates allowing the product to be sold in the European Union
• the chair is designed for children from 6 months to a maximum of 36 months, or 15 kg of weight, whichever is faster


• 5-point seat belts that will ensure safety while the child is in the chair
• tray with cover that allows quick and convenient cleaning
• plastic seat filled with soft foam, so that every moment spent in the chair was a pleasure
• steel legs that have 2 levels of adjustment
• removable footrest to support the correct positioning of the child's hips, legs and spine
• easy and quick assembly

• High feeding chair for children, helps to eat meals together with adults, which teaches the toddler how to behave at the table and use cutlery,
• Very easy assembly and disassembly,
• Adjustable child's leg support,
• Tray with cover, which allows quick and convenient cleaning,
• High chair equipped with 5-point seat belts.



• 3-position backrest tilt adjustment
• 3-stage tray extension adjustment
• the possibility of creating a rocking chair,
• 5-point seat belts
• breathable, easy-to-clean eco-leather
• the option of folding the set into a table and chair
• wheels, thanks to which you can quickly move the chair
• the ability to disassemble the tray